Level 5 Continues . . .

Wish you were here ?

Its March 5th 2021 and Level 5 Lockdown continues.

We have had no CRSS support from the Government who deliberately and inexplicably EXCLUDED outdoor activities and even the recently announced Failte Ireland support is only for businesses with over €50,000 revenue in 2019. We started in 2019 in April, we worked hard and had a good year for which we thank our customers – but it wasn’t that good ! 2020, we had just a few months to be open and the demand was phenomenal, again, thank you customers. 2021 we haven’t been able to open AT ALL although we will provide a service to the locals if they live within 5km.

When we are allowed to open – when you are allowed to leave your bubbles – we will be offering a new and expanded service. We invested significantly in our COVID adaptations extending the depot at Carlingford Marina so we have an entrance and an exit plus other modifications. We also invested in the very latest e-Bikes having almost entirely replaced our ‘regular fleet’ towards Autumn last year

Just letting you know that we will be here when you can come to see us to enjoy a safe, socially distanced and altogether GREAT FOR THE BODY AND SOUL Trip Along the Carlingford Lough Greenway

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