The ‘Long Woman’s Grave’ Loop

AKA : Lumper’s Iron Man Challenge!

AKA : Lumper’s Iron Man Challenge! This one is going to test everyone that tries it, if for no reason other than the 210m ascent to Long Woman’s Grave that you have to tackle to complete the circuit. . . . Whichever way you navigate the loop, clockwise or anti-clockwise, your legs will be burning and your heart pumping when you reach at the top before a long descent to Jenkinstown or a steep descent to Omeath depending which way round you go…

48.9km including the Lumper's detour !

I put a detour to Lumper’s Bar because it’s not far out of the way and you are going to need a proper recovery stop about half way. Lumper’s Bar is in Ravensdale, the other side of Slieve Foy, and is well known and used as a start point for the Táin Way hike. Lumper’s has a Facebook site

and Google states the following opening times :-

Long Woman’s Grave – has a nice little write up about the history and it is another potential detour depending how the day goes and what day you undertake the ride . To check –

We recently added ‘Theo’s Bike’ to the fleet – but even so, I am not sure Cauthleen could make it up the hill on a 22” frame bike ?

I have only done this route once and only ever clockwise. The hill out of Omeath is beyond my cycling fitness levels – although I have walked half way up it. I’ll give it a try one day . . .

So assuming that you also go clockwise :-

Easy flat riding From Carlingford to Ballagan Point. I put Templetown Beach on the route because I do love it there (which is why it is the Cover Photo). In reality, one can meander all around this part of the Cooley Peninsula – lots of lanes and a good stretch along the coast.

So after a meander on the coastal flatlands you are going to end up at the foot of Jenkinstown Hill…and one way or another, you have to get to the top of it. It is about 8km and about 210m vertical ascent. (Going the other way it is the same vertical ascent but in 3.5km – so a LOT steeper). Be careful descending into Omeath – it is bendy, tight and steep. From Omeath it is #carlingfordloughgreenway all the way back to OnYerBike at Carlingford Marina…

Going the other way, it’s #carlingfordloughgreenway then the steep hill out of Omeath. Long Woman’s Grave for a breather and then a super 8km fast descent to the R173 or a quick detour to Lumper’s…or any of the places mentioned below or any others that you find…

There are a number of places you could potentially stop at with a minor detour from the suggested route for a drink and snack :-

Check out for opening times but it is a lovely traditional Irish (Coastal) Pub…

Fitzpatrick’s in Jenkinstown

Ferguson’s at Gyles Quay

Martin’s Pub & Cooley Whisky at Riverstown

Howe’s Bar in Omeath

Granvue in Omeath

and of course, when you get back to Carlingford there are a wide range of pubs and restaurants to choose from

There are also a few shops and a petrol station along the route or with a short detour….

Very fit cyclists could do this in half a day but assuming you are not training for Ride London or some extreme Sportive, it is a decent day out that has it all. We do NOT recommend this route for children because it is ALL ‘on the road’ biking and it is pretty arduous. #OnYerBike will provide Bikes, Helmets, High Vis jackets and a Bike Lock within the full day On Yer Bike package at €20 (10am to 6pm). Additional hours can be accommodated at additional cost . . .