Bike Servicing

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Servicing Packages


Bike Service - Basic

De-grease, Wash, Lubricate & Surface Protect


Bike Service - Standard

De-Rust, De-grease, Wash, Lubricate & Surface Protect


Bike Service - Supreme

De-Rust, De-grease, Triple Wash, Lubricate & Surface Protect

Replace front and rear brake cables & alignment

Replace front and rear gear cables & alignment

Paint touch up – black or chrome

Tyre Check

Chains & Tyres



Remove old chain and fit new replacement chain


Tyres & Tubes

Fix Puncture or change inner tube



Brake Alignment

Alignment using existing cables


Change Brake Cable

Remove and replace new brake cable


Brake Service

Wash, replace both brake cables and alignment



Gear Alignment

Alignment using existing cable


Full Gear Service

Derailer de-grease, wash, replace cables and alignment 

*Prices exclude parts

Part prices vary based on bike specification. Pricing is based on RRP plus 25% markup to cover costs of postage and packaging