Bike Servicing

Safety is our priority

Safety is our top priority at OnYerBike and aside from our Pre-Ride safety briefing that we give to all of our customers, we also undertake a Pre-Ride Safety Inspection of our bikes before they go out. Here are some of the things we do :


Velotech Gold Awarded

To ensure that we really understood bike mechanics and to maintain & repair our own fleet, in early 2019 Joei undertook the Gold Standard Velotech Bike Maintenance & Repair course with CycleRecycle in Newry (Ireland’s only Velotech approved Bicycle Maintenance Course provider). After a number of weeks of training, we were delighted when she achieved the Velotech Gold Award.

As well as looking after our own bikes, we started offering a Bike Maintenance and Repair Service which became very popular in particular with the locals and indeed passing cyclists, not least because it saves a round trip to Dundlak and Newry but also because we are prepared to ‘refurbish’ bikes as well as repair them. Every bike we take in receives a lot of TLC and we are proud to have put many bikes back into use for the enjoyment of their owners, with repairs ranging from puncture repairs to vintage bike restorations.

We assess each bike that a customer brings to us and give straightforward and honest advice as to what it needs to get it back to roadworthy condition (might just be a puncture !) or what it would cost for a full restoration – and everywhere in between. The assessment is free, we price on a reasonable hourly rate and we recharge parts at a modest mark-up from trade prices.

It has been a lot of fun and very satisfying getting bikes back on to the Greenway so we will continue to offer this service all year round. We know that we have had many delighted customers because they say so in the reviews we have received on Trip Advisor, Facebook and elsewhere.