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Greenore & Finn the Dolphin

I personally could easily make a day out of heading to Greenore !! In fact I do. Alternatively, you could just book a two hour ride, cycle along the side of Carlingford Lough (with amazing views either side of you), ride past the Greenore Golf course, have a quick drink at the Greenore Co-operative Society or at the Golf Club and ride back.

But why spoil a great day out rushing !!

It’s only 6.3km from OnYerBike to Greenore Port so there and back, maybe an hour’s riding – not even…
So here is my idea of a day out which can easily be shortened to half a day or even two hours if you are really pushed for time…


1/ Leave on Yer Bike at Carlingford Marina. Up the Marina Hill and then down to King John’s Castle and to Carlingford Harbour. Visit Carlingford and all our wonderful historic sights, stock up with a drink and a few snacks. There’s at least an hour !


2/ Quickest route to Greenore is down the R176 along the ought but you could take the R173 past Carlingford Priory and turn left towards Grange and then left again to Greenore on the R175. It’s just over 10km that way and involves a HILL !!


3/ Either way you go, pause for a few minutes to see St James’ Well at Muchgrange where the R176 joins the R175…can’t miss it…


4/ Either way you go, for part of the journey you will be alongside the amazing Greenore Golf Club and that is where your history tour of Greenore could start The Golf Club is very friendly and you can use the bar facilities or maybe book a round for another day out on your holiday ?


5/ When you reach Greenore proper, you will ride down Euston Street into the village

If you want to know about the history of Greenore, there is plenty of stuff on the internet. Here’s a few :-

BUT, if you really want to know about it, you need to visit Brian and Ann Larkin at the Greenore Cooperative Society on Euston Street !! Now you can take a journey back in time and learn all about the history in preserved historical surroundings…Brian does a ‘Walk and Talk’ at 2.30pm on a Sunday. Opening times vary but in ‘the season’ it is open all week long

Here are some details with thanks to

Greenore is unique as a village in Ireland and was the terminus of the former Dundalk Newry & Greenore Railway. From Greenore, in times gone by, passengers took a ferry across to Holyhead and then travelled down to London.

My advice, visit the Greenore Cooperative where you can not only enjoy a fine Afternoon Tea in splendid surroundings, your hosts will bring the history of the village alive !!


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