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A Trip to Cranfield Beach

This has to be one of our favourite family days out. It’s got it all – a nice ride to Greenore, a ferry trip on the Carlingford Lough Ferry to Greencastle, a Norman castle and a lovely ride on lanes to Cranfield Beach.

There are a few useful links below but here are the basics of the route.

From On Yer Bike, Carlingford Marina, cycle through Carlingford and along the Greenore Road to Greenore. It’s only about 6.5km and do look out for the turn off left which takes you along the Greenore Golf Course and cuts out parts of the main road that leads to Greenore.

Take the Carlingford Lough Ferry from Greenore to Greencastle. The ferries run this direction on the half hour but times vary according to the day/month so ask at On Yer Bike for the sailing times or visit The ferry is fab so enjoy a trip across Carlingford Lough – they are so helpful to cyclists that they have even installed a bike rack on the Ferry !

Why not visit the Greencastle Royal Castle – it’s only a couple of minutes ride ! You could also turn left and take a detour along Greencastle Pier Road. There is a shipyard at the end and it turns into lane that hugs the lough.



There are then lovely lanes to cycle down and around with Cranfield Beach – a Blue Flag Beach – being the target destination…BUT you can cycle to your heart’s content in this area. We like to stick to the lanes and to find new routes every time–greencastle-route/



As we mentioned, Cranfield Beach is a Blue Flag Beach and quite probably one the THE best beaches in Northern Island…just a very short ride from On Yer Bike !


There are a few places that you can stop for drinks and food and our favorite is the Beachcomber at Chestnutt Holiday Park.

When it is time to come home to On Yer Bike, the Carlingford Lough Ferry runs from Greencastle on the hour – times vary according to the day and the month. Do NOT miss the last ferry because of you do, it is a 30 mile ride along the lough to Newry and back down the other side to Carlingford, and that is going to take you maybe 3 hours on busy roads


On this route there is one stretch of 1.3km on a busy road leading from the golf course to the ferry port. On Yer Bike will provide you with a High Vis jacket and you should wear it…not on the beach but certainly along this stretch.




It is not every day that you get a chance to 1: Go on a ferry 2: Cross a border on a bike 3: Cycle to a Blue Flag Beach and we think this should be a really great day out.
We hope you enjoy it and if you do please rate us on Trip Advisor and Like our Facebook Page. Always best to book bikes to avoid disappointment, especially if you are a group or a family wanting kids bikes, tag-alongs etc.